Our walls are produced from high quality materials and each one of the specific components is made with local materials in our workshop. The panels are made from high-grade birch plywood with metal structure and additional elements of stainless steel which can optionally be galvanised for outdoor use.



Each wall is unique, designed and constructed for specific purposes based on difficulty, space, size and technical capabilities. The 3D model is cut of different and unique panels similar to a puzzle. They are cut out, drilled and painted. The process is similar for the supporting structure. The supporting structure is statically calculated, and each component is made separately. The parts are then transported and assembled on site in a particular sequence. Investments related to the use and maintenance of a climbing wall are minimal and amount to changing routes, periodic technical revision and cleaning the walls and holds. In standard climbing walls, the ability to change the geometry is restricted and mainly limited to two options.


We work exclusively with local suppliers and manufacturers as Xcult – Veliko Tarnovo, for all grips and additional volumes also bulgarian brand – Flipp Crashpads for mattresses.